Hey there, thanks for stopping by and clicking around. I’m Katie, or Katherine Jacomena McGuire, if you feel like sounding like my Mom, on the one of two occasions, she was REALLY angry (ask me about the frying pan story). 


I'm from a small coastal town in the Bay Area of California, so I spent most of
my life in, on, or near the water. Or playing in the woods and creeks at my grandparents, and every summer my family and I would camp up the coast to the San Juan Islands. So I have been
incredibly fortunate to grow up in some stunningly beautiful places. That amount of time in relatively undeveloped nature is undoubtedly what led me to my strong attachment soft organic lines, and more natural color palettes, when left to my own devices. But most of all, I live to tell stories. I believe that everything is a story, and every image is an opportunity to tell a great one.


I also grew up creating. As in, I really don’t remember a time when I didn't
have my hands covered in paint, or clay, with a pocket full of pencils. So I
always knew I was going to find a career in the creative field, it wasn't ever a question. Being creative is all I've ever wanted to do, it's all I've ever known,
and a life lone dream I straight up refuse to let go. Which, may be an
unfortunate familial inheritance, as opposed to aggressively optimistic, plucky determination, but hey, who's keeping track? We're friends now, and you wouldn't judge me like that! Right? You should probably shoot me an email, just to reassure me, because your a good person that way. OH! And while you're at it we should definitely talk about working together, because what's better than a professional friendship? You're right! Nothing, see, we're already finishing each-other's sentences, god we're adorable! Can't wait to work with you.


Have an idea? Want to have something made? For work? For fun? As a gift? Well then, of course I would love to Work with you!

Also I don't know how social media savy you are, but in the name of self promotion I have to have ALL of them

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In all seriousness though You should ask me about the frying pan story. And I hope you have an excellent day, thanks agian for stopping by!